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Why Do You Need Insurance?

When you get a loan at Texas Bay that is secured by a vehicle or home, your loan agreement requires you to maintain insurance.  Comprehensive and collision coverage is required on all vehicle loans until paid in full. Acceptable Hazard Insurance is required on all Real Estate Loans, including home equities, until paid in full.

Texas Bay requires that you provide us evidence that you have obtained acceptable insurance coverage as outlined in the loan agreement.  It is your responsibility to continue proper insurance coverage during the life of the loan and to advise Texas Bay when you change insurance companies.  You may receive a letter asking for proof of insurance.

If you had any changes or need to update your insurance information with us, you can fax your new insurance documentation to 800-713-0260 or submit online by clicking the button below (you will be linked to our insurance partner’s third party website).

Update Your Insurance With Us


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