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Guaranteed Growth Investment Account - give your savings a better chance to grow.

Guaranteed Growth Investment

Searching for the Path to Financial Freedom?  

We can help you get there!  You can stop searching now and start saving with a Guaranteed Growth Investment from Texas Bay Credit Union.  What is it?  Simple.  The Guaranteed Growth Investment is an old-school savings account, known as a certificate of deposit (CD), designed for the modern investor.  Since it is a Flexible Term CD, you can pick the term you want and still get a great rate.  It’s a “sure thing” and perfect for new savers.

  • Guaranteed Savings Growth
  • Guaranteed Competitive Rate
  • Guaranteed No Effort
  • Guaranteed No Risk

What are you waiting for?  Let us help you start the savings today!  Drop by a branch or call us at 713-852-6700.

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How It Works

The Guaranteed Growth Investment provides you with the opportunity to lock-in a fixed rate of return for a specified length of time; similar to a CD.  You are guaranteed a competitive interest rate for the full term.  A traditional CD offers 7 different terms (6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months).  But what if these terms don’t meet your timeline?  Why not have the flexibility to pick your own term?  With a Guaranteed Growth Investment, you can.  You choose when you need the funds in the future; not us.

If you are saving for a wedding but need the funds in 15 months, you got it.  Are you planning to a “bucket list” vacation in exactly 23 months?  We got you covered.  Is your son or daughter starting college in 46 months?  You can earn more on your money and be ready at the same time with a Guaranteed Growth Investment.

  • Earn More than Savings
  • You Pick How Long to Save
  • Get a Guaranteed Fixed Rate
  • Your Money is Protected

How do the rates work?  Your Guaranteed Growth Investment offers you the flexibility to select any term.  The rate offered will be the same rate as the next, lower term CD.  For example, you select a 20 month term, your rate will be the same as an 18 month term CD.  You select a 30 month CD, your rate will be the same as a 24 month term CD.  Texas Bay offers some of the highest rates in town.  This gives you the flexibility to select any term.

Drop by a branch or call us at 713-852-6700.

CD Rates



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