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We are Making it “Sunny at the Bay” in Your Community

All of us at Texas Bay is thrilled to be a part of ongoing and worthwhile community efforts.  Your credit union has been an eager participant in numerous community programs and not just financially.  Management and staff volunteer their time helping community organizations throughout the year.  Most community involvement programs need money but all programs need “people helping people”.  Hands-on help is tremendously valuable to any community organization.  Below are just a few community efforts Texas Bay is proud to be part of:

  • Pasadena Education Foundation
  • Texas Children’ts Charities
  • Local Chamber Fundraisers
  • Texas Bay Scholarship Program
  • Adopt a School Program
  • Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship Program
  • Local Church Fundraisers
  • And many more!

Together, members and Texas Bay, can make an impact in your community.  Be sure to join us  in promoting the community efforts Texas Bay is happy to be part of now and in the future.



What We Are Doing

Texas Bay partners with other Houston area Credit Unions in an effort to raise funds throughout the year for the Texas Children’ Hospital, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and other charitable efforts.  Members, employees, and family members participate in events with all proceeds going to charitable causes.  Below are just a few fundraising events we participate in:

  • Children’s Miracle Network Balloon Sales
  • Sporting Tournaments
  • Summer Food Drive
  • Candy Bar Sales
  • Holiday Toy Drive
  • And many more!

Where does your donation go?  It all goes to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to be used where it’s needed most.  Children’s hospitals rely on donations to provide the best care for kids.  There are 170 children’s hospitals treating millions of kids every year.

Make a difference!  Help our children by making a donation directly today!

Thank you for your support!

Children's miracle network hospitals

Link to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital website.

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